The Pizza Burger is a real thing in Canada

pizza burger The Pizza Burger is a real thing in Canada

Oh Canada, land of innovation, hockey, and now Pizza Burgers.  Boston Pizza Canada unveiled their new product in a (sigh, its been done) fake April Fool’s kind of way, announcing the product leading up to April Fool’s, and launching it around that time, causing (ooh… ahh…) speculation.  Marketing tactics aside, this looks like one helluva take on mixing the coveted fast foods of pizza and hamburgers.

Basically, they have wrapped a burger in pizza dough, added some pizza toppings inside and on top, oh yeah… and cheeeese.  They did a 5 part series about the release, mixing pizza + ??? to create their next special promotion.  It starts out with a Chef, trying unique combinations such as pizza beer, and pizza chocolate cake.  It ends with a road trip and some distinctly stereotypical Canadians enjoying the first Pizza burgers.  Here’s part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, and below… part 5.

Being a Canadian, I can’t help feel a little pride that this bad boy is North of the 49th parallel.  I remember my early (legal) drinking days where we would go to Boston Pizza and get “team pitchers”, basically just really, really, really big pitchers of beer.  Although I haven’t heard any announcements yet, I’m sure these will show up in the States before too long.  Remember Burger King’s and Pizza Hut’s try at Pizza Burgers?  I think this takes the pie.

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