The Corkcicle exists: Chill your wine from the inside out

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  1. says:


    I purchased a Corkcicle after seeing it at a local wine shop in use. LOVED the concept. It is a rubber iceicle with a liquid inside.

    After a couple of months, the rubber cracked and the liquid inside is leaking out. And since I did not purchase direct from the manufacturer – I am stuck with a toxic corkcicle!!


    • jimmyjames says:

      Too bad! Hope you didn’t pollute a nice Chablis… There’s a ’70s era glass decanter I use. A goose looking green thing that has a “bowl” in the top that you can put ice or hot water to heat or cool your wine. Always worked, but not that portable. I would still try to return, sometimes they will still honor their guarantee…

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