Spudnuts: Potato doughnuts are Spudtacular


A Spudnut is basically a doughnut made with a dry potato mix instead of the usual flour mixture.  The result?  A fluffier, more airy version of the doughnut.  The Spudnut is now making a resurgence in popularity, and you may see some stuff around about these tasty little treats, but they are nothing new.


After brothers Al and Bob Pelton of Salt Lake City ate potato-based doughnuts in Germany, they tried a number of things, from wheat dough that was flavored with potato water to using mashed potatoes, before creating a dry potato mix that not only worked for them but made it possible to franchise the concept.  They coined the word “spudnut”, and went into business in 1940. Wiki

spudnut ad Spudnuts: Potato doughnuts are Spudtacular

Spudnut ad in Life Magazine, October 24,1949

I highly recommend trying a Spudnut if you ever get the chance.  They are seriously good times.

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