Snake Bites Woman After Being Preserved In Wine For Three Months

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  1. asianguyensingle says:

    Is it similar to wine sold on Buy-snake-wine shop ? I already bought this one on this store delivered to US) and would like different wine if your know where? Thanks.

    • jimmyjames says:

      I have no idea. The stuff I have seen is pretty sketchy, sold everywhere from corner stores to restaurants. I don’t really like bai jiou, so putting a snake does nothing for me…

  2. ruben says:

    Are they put in live? If so thats nasty, theres no way to make it not defecate. Gross!!!

    • jimmyjames says:

      They are put in live, many times starved first. They will sometimes filter the alcohol when they top it up after a few months. Many will use dried snakes, and will pulverize or powder them first when using them as medicine.

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