How to make a Watermelon Keg

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  1. Jessica says:

    Sounds amazing! The only question I have is how do you hollow out the watermelon? I get that you use a spoon, but I’m unsure where to hollow it out from? Do you cut the top more?

    • jimmyjames says:

      You want to hollow it out from the top. Here’s how I did mine in a bit more detail. I actually made TWO cuts on the top. One thin slice to give it the “keg” look, then another to create a lid to keep out pesky critters. I used a knife and cut down squares (away from the sides!) into the watermelon and scooped some out, and repeated, thus creating nice easy to remove chunks. You will find though that you don’t really need to do that, just using a spoon works great. We made a “big kid” drink inside… margarita! I left a little extra watermelon at the bottom, so that when we were done, I cut the melon in half and we had some tasty tequila soaked tidbits to help during the cleanup. Hope that helps!

  2. jimmyjames says:

    P.S… If you don’t have an apple corer for the spigot hole… use a power drill :D

  3. This is such a neat idea.. I am looking forward to trying it at my next boozy party

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