Food and politics: Eating habits of Conservatives VS Liberals [INFOGRAPHIC]

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  1. James Morris says:

    I voted NPD… I bet Layton just lives off of Timmy’s.

  2. Amanda says:

    wow i was looking for it for a long time!

  3. Jenny Bright says:

    I agree with the above poster. I think that this excellent how the information is laid out in an a very concise, and helpful fashion. Thanks for the great info!

  4. Cool. Food and politics: Eating habits of Conservatives VS Liberals [INFOGRAPHIC] | foododdity | FoodOddity looks great, and I’m glad i’ve found something here worth adding to my favorites.

  5. Just added you to my favorite blogs. Keep these posts coming!

  6. Chang Mey says:

    That was very imformative. Thanks for all of the information.

  7. This was absoultely helpful, I appreciate it

  8. Can says:

    @ StaÅ›. That’s how bad this ghpraic is. At first glance, it makes you think that those foods and drinks add up to 2647 calories; but they don’t – they are individual: looking at the first two drinks give us a ‘clue’. A beer is not 25 calories. I also double checked the big mac and fries elsewhere to make sure! 920 calories is about right.

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