Breakfast is the most important meal of the day [Infographic]

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  1. Impressive stats, though would like to see just how rigorous they are. Nonetheless I am a great advocate of breakfast and really believe that it makes a great start to both the working week as well as the more relaxed weekend when it can happily become brunch!

    • jimmyjames says:

      Well, there are lies, damn lies, and statistics. You can see some underlying patters and some no brainers in this infographic. If people eat regular healthy breakfasts, it can be assumed that their eating habits are a little healthier throughout the day, thus eliminating them from the obese and diabetic danger zone. It makes it pretty easy to skew in whatever light you wish. That being said, I always feel better throughout the day if I have a decent breakfast, I have more energy and it’s also a nice time to take a moment to collect your thoughts before heading out into the day.

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